Entrevista para Whatchado sobre estrategia de contenido en redes sociales

Entrevista Gabs

Esta es una pequeña entrevista para Whatchado sobre el trabajo que estoy haciendo para TEDxVienna en Austria, el cual ha llegado a ocupar un lugar muy especial en mi vida. ¿Por qué? Bueno, por todo lo que comento en la entrevista 😉

En resumen, lo que hago la estrategia de contenido para Twitter. Es un trabajo que amo porque puedo combinar una de las pasiones de mi tiempo libre (leer sin parar sobre tecnología, ciencia, innovación, etc.) con la misión de hacer un mundo un poco mejor cada día a través del intercambio de ideas y conocimiento.

En el vídeo comparto lo que hago a grandes rasgos por el hecho de no poder hablar hasta que me aburra (¡o le aburra al espectador!), pero si te interesa conocer más a fondo cada punto de esta entrevista te invito a leer el texto que encontrarás a continuación. La entrevista se realizó en inglés y es por eso que incluyo el texto en este idioma. ¡Mil disculpas por no tener el tiempo de traducir el documento completo! Espero que de igual manera puedan encontrarlo entretenido o inspirador.

Y no está de más decirte que si necesitas ayuda con tu estrategia de Twitter, siempre y cuando sea por una buena causa, me contactes para que conversemos sobre el tema. 😉

 3 Pieces of advice for your 14-year-old self…

A- If something doesn’t make sense now, just wait 16 more years and it will sink in.

B- It is VERY hard to become an astronaut, but try to become one anyway. If you fail, you will succeed in something else… for a while until you will fail again and then succeed again. Embrace failure. It will bring you good things in the future.

C- Enjoy your hypersonic metabolism while you still can.

What’s written on your business card?

My business card says “TEDxVienna – Social Media Team”, followed by a big space where I can write whatever I decide to share about myself at that particular moment.  Do you know why I love that? Because it gives me the freedom to reveal a different aspect of my job on every single card I give away. Let’s face it. Same as our daily life, we never do only one thing at our jobs, especially when we work in Social Media. We might be good at some things more than others, but the more we try to define ourselves the more we close opportunities to discover new ways to express ourselves. Being exposed to information makes us grow, change, mutate into something different with time. A blank card gives us the freedom to explore who we are today, look back to who we were yesterday and look forward to what we are going to be in the future.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

It’s definitely the fact that I can combine work and common interests! I’m a person who enjoys reading. A lot. Especially when it comes to technology, science and innovation in general. I research for pleasure on this topics. What I love about working at TEDxVienna is that I can share all that reading with a team and an audience that are equally interested in these topics. We sparked so many interesting debates, questions, theories, and ideas together, turning them into a “something worth spreading”.

What are the limitations of your job?

It is very difficult to think of a limitation of my job because I really feel I’m doing what I was born to do, but if I have to mention something it would be the fact that a lot of times we would like to have a bit of an extra budget for activities besides the conferences to engage more with the whole TEDxVienna community. The conferences, as cool as they are, are aimed to invite us to be inspired, to learn, to reflect. I would love it if we could have more means to do fun stuff around the city with all supporters of TEDxVienna! I don’t lose hope, though. I’m sure it’s going to happen someday, and that you’ll all be there 😀

What’s your job about?

I’m officially one of TEDxVienna’s “Twitter lady”, together with my amazing partner in crime Silvia. Together we take care of the content strategy for Twitter. My job consists of a daily research routine about the latest developments in technology, science, design, architecture, gaming, all that fun stuff. Then the next step is to structure this research, squeeze it in the spectacular amount of 140 characters, and composing a dialog which aims to simulate the way we associate the end of one thought with the beginning of another to, in the end, reach the moment of “aha!”. My job is about offering food-for-thought in exchange for original approaches to knowledge through combining areas of interest in exciting ways, like shared economy and camping, or robotics and consciousness. Besides that I’m constantly reading about new ways to create interesting exchanges of knowledge. For example, through Twitter chats, in which we propose a series of questions around a certain topic and we all contribute with our thoughts related to the questions.

What’s your background?

I have a masters degree in Digital Arts, though it was really hard for me to admit that I wasn’t going to be an astronaut after all because I was so bad at physics 😀 Since I’ve always had too many interests, I wanted to have a plan B in case I decided to shift the course of my working life, so I also majored in Translation. By chance I started working in Social Media and I found out I was (with all due modesty) quite good at it! So, for the last 13 years of my life I’ve been designing, researching, translating, copywriting and creating content strategies for Social Media…and I still can’t believe I couldn’t become an astronaut.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Of course! Social Media is all about combining information and making it interesting and engaging for an audience. There are 3 advices I would give for anyone who wishes to work in Social Media: 1- Stay informed. 2- Stay curious and 3- Share what you love, with as much passion as when you read it yourself for the first time.



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