That f*cking ‘Point B’

leaderImage by Studio AIO

I apologize if I’m not 100% fluent in English writing, since it’s not my native language, but I promise to do my best.

We’ve said it a million times; we’ve heard it even more. Life’s road is what counts, no matter where it leads you. But, up to what degree is society being truthful about this statement? We are constantly being told that we should do everything we can to reach that famous ‘point B’, that wonderful place where all our efforts will be rewarded, where we’re going to shine, where everyone will admire us, would like to be like us, and so on.

This ever-competitive attitude, based on my own personal experience, often leads to measuring the value of a person and the right of acceptance into society by how far down this ‘path to professional perfection’ is reached or the capability of being a good leader, to be superior to others, to have that ‘something’ that no one else has that apparently gives to the beholder the right to do certain things to other people that, most of the times, doesn’t benefit anyone else but him/herself.

Being seen as ‘normal’ is often looked down upon and even discriminated against. It is usually not OK to say that we’ve taken some time off work to cultivate our passions, to try to find new and alternative ways of living, to rediscover ourselves through a different perspective. It is assumed that we must spend too much time striving to achieve the perfect body, to have the perfect job, to buy the perfect house, regardless of the time invested to do so, thus leaving very little time (or no time at all) for deep thoughts, deep questions, quality time with friends and family, a good rest, quality meals, an engaging hobby, etc.

We are constantly being pressured, whether directly or indirectly, to be looking into the future, thus neglecting what’s happening here and now. This desperate calling for leadership is giving birth to brainless and heartless multi-headed monsters (since everybody has to be the ‘head of something’ these days), artificially kept alive by drinking liters of caffeine and feeding on the failures of other people. These monsters are so full of themselves that they are unable to see the emptiness of their souls. It’s almost as they voluntarily gave up their dreams and integrity for nothing more than an illusory status (call it social, professional, whatever).

I wonder, is it so bad to wish to be a butt instead of a head? 😀 . A body needs a butt as much as it needs a head. Why would a butt be perceived as something less than what it is, or its functionality being looked down on simply because it’s not at the top of the body? We’ve all experienced what constipation can do to our bodies and mind 😉 What I’m trying to say is, is it really that bad to just want to explore our own path, wherever this might lead us, without this meaning we are socially incapable of making a difference and gain ‘real’ respect within a mainstream society?

I’m neither an expert nor an avid bookworm, although I consider myself a well-educated person who has invested a considerable amount of time acquiring knowledge from good, reputable sources. I take pride in learning from human interaction, whether this means sharing thoughts through communities such as Ideapod or having tapas and wine at a bar in Barcelona, talking face to face with friends and strangers. Putting all my knowledge sources together, I’ve been able to understand that, up to a certain level, we are designed to compete and fight to reach those resources that are not easily available for everyone. Somehow that’s imprinted in our DNA, in our instinct of survival. However, given our point in human evolution, do we still have to turn against each other for our own benefit in order to survive? Or have we come to a stage in human existence where collaboration will be the gateway to the next evolutionary stage? Has the need of a one-person leader become obsolete? I would be happy to read your thoughts about it.



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